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Lago Verde Wilderness Resort

“The magic surroundings of El Aura gently whisper of fly fishing's highest qualities”

Jim Repine



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Lago Verde Wilderness Resort is located in the heart of Los Alerces National Park. Enclosing an area of 263.000 hectares the park is located in the Chubut province, in the Patagonia Argentina. It was created in 1937 with the aim of protecting the last redoubt where one of the oldest trees on Earth, the alerce or lahuan, can still be found. The Park holds many lakes, big rivers, crystal water brooks and millennial forests of maitenes, coihues cipreses, arrayanes and notros. MORE>>


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Callao 796 Piso 5º CP (C1023AAN) - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Lago Verde Wilderness Resort is located in the heart of Los Alerces National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. The Park holds many lakes, big rivers, crystal water brooks, this unique environment in one of the few virginal forests remaining in the world. Some of Patagonia’s finest waters are close to the lodge, such as the Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Frei and Carrileufú Rivers, the Canal Spring Creek and the quiet waters of the Verde, Menéndez, Kruger and Futalaufquen Lakes.

The lodge has been built close to Lago Verde shoreline and offers superb accommodation. The bungalows and restaurants allow the visitor to become part of the surrounding nature, offering magnificent views of the forest and lake. Bungalows are not shared so you will have space, comfort and solitude. Dinner can be served in the gourmet restaurant or delivered to the bungalows where a private dinner in a candlelit table can be arranged.

Los Alerces National Park, Patagonia, Argentina, waters are fly fishing only and catch and release is mandatory. The Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Frei and Carrileufú Rivers are transparent, powerful, challenging streams. Average trout is 3/4 pounds but it nor rare to get some 6/7 pounds trophy. The lakes may be fished too and are very productive. These Rivers are to be floated and waded. The species in the area are the rainbow, brown and brook trout and landlocked atlantic salmon.

Lago Verde lodge guides will use inflatable rafts for some of the rivers (Rivadavia, Arrayanes, Carrileufú, Frei) and motor boats for small lakes and some rivers like the Futaleufú. A typical day starts at the lodge. Your guide will meet you after breakfast, inform you about the day’s fishing conditions and all questions will be answered. Most of our fly fishing destinations are reached within an hour. Guides will set up a comfortable camp for lunch.

Our guides are experienced people who we are absolutely sure meet our high standards. If you would like casting instruction, either guide is available. The guides will take care of your safety, comfort and fly fishing success. We are strictly devoted to catch and release, barbless hook angling. All fish, injured or not, must be released as gently as possible.

To get to Lago Verde lodge you need to fly to Buenos Aires, Argentina and make round ticket reservations to Esquel or Bariloche. A lodge representative will meet you at Esquel or Bariloche´s airport and transport you to the lodge. Getting there takes one hour and a half from Esquel and approximately four hours from Bariloche.