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About Us Alfredo Zubiri

Alfredo is a lover of Patagonian wild lands and a world traveler who has been fly fishing Argentina form North to South. He is also the concessionary owner of Lago Verde Wilderness Resort in Los Alerces National Park, Argentina. Alfredo has been fly fishing for 35 years until he finally decided to devote all of his time and passion to the sport. Fly Fishing Soul is the result of this decision, where fly fishermen will find the best advice for their travel and fishing.
  María Orsi

María started fly fishing two years ago and her love for fishing and nature simply subdued her. Since then María has been fishing in Argentina, USA and Norway. At Fly Fishing Soul she is our Sales and Travel Manager so you will be in contact with her to plan your fly fishing trip, and she will take care of every detail related to it. María is also in the back of the team taking care of details and the community of fishermen that joins us every day in our facebook and youtube pages.
  Verónica Zubiri

Verónica lives in Bariloche. She is a film director and producer and specializes in video clips and documentaries, having made many in her career. Verónica has been an important part of Fly Fishing Soul since the beginning and is in charge of the institutional videos and photography.
  Raúl San Martín

Raúl is a Master of the Art and a man formed in Los Alerces National Park´s waters and in the Paraná River, different environments he has been fishing for more that 50 years. His first master, Erik Gornik, was an Austrian artist and fly fisherman who decided to live in the Park in the 60´s. Raúl is considered to be one of the world´s best fly-fishing guides; and he is certainly the dean of fishing guides in Patagonia. Raúl has been professionally guiding fly-fishermen for trout and dorado for more than thirty years in Argentina, Chile and New Mexico, and has fished USA and Canada waters. He is also a qualified casting instructor.
  Harry J. Briscoe

Harry Briscoe is an oil and gas exploration geologist by training, but a fly-fisherman by heart. He has fished many destinations around the world since about 1953 and has come to love Patagonia since his introduction there by Master of the Art Jim Repine in 1993. He resides in Houston TX (USA) and is the owner and President of Hexagraph Fly Rod Co. (
  Arturo Domínguez

Arturo is the Director of the Mel Krieger Foundation and a fly fishing professional guide for 20 years now. He has participated in the organization of many of Mel Krieger´s casting clinics, collaborated in the preparation of several fishing books of Patagonia Argentina and traveled around the world fishing and sharing his experience in fairs and congress. He lives in Bariloche and has most of his activities in that area. Arturo is an excellent guide, instructor, fisherman and expert in the Patagonia waters. You will find in Arturo a friend to share your experience.
  Andrés Müller

Andrés has been guiding since 1983, when he started as Raúl auxiliary man in the National Patk waters. Since then he has been guiding in Argentina as an independent guide and for many local lodges and outfitters, in USA (Almont - Colorado USA) and in Ireland (Connemara). Andrés is also a casting instructor trained by Mel Krieger and Hans Rudi Hebeisen (Switzerland).
  Lu Warner

Lu has been guiding fly fishing trips and back country adventures for over 20 years in Alaska, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. In 1989 he established one of the first mountain bike touring companies in Moab, Utah and successfully operated this outfitting business throughout the Western U.S. for many years before discovering Patagonia and its’ charms in the mid-nineties. In 2006 he purchased the Valle Bonito Lodge near Futaleufu, Chile where he bases during the Patagonia summers. In the Rocky Mountain summers he guides in Colorado. Fishing and traveling in Patagonia since 1995, he has developed extensive personal contacts in both Southern Chile and Argentina. A skilled boatman, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, Wilderness First Responder, backcountry guide, fly fisherman and casting instructor, Lu’s knowledge and experience assure you of a safe, fun-filled and productive adventure.
  Rolo Pradere

Rodolfo Pradere (Rolo) was born in Buenos Aires and was educated in an English school. 20 years ago Rolo moved to North Patagonia to work as a Ranch manager in the Chubut Province. He has been fishing since childhood and became a professional fly fishing guide 10 years ago. Since then he has worked for many local outfitters and lodges in the Esquel area. You will find that Rolo is not only an exceptional guide but also a qualified host and a faithful companion and friend.
  Matías Buratti

Matías lives in Los Molles, in the Traslasierra valley, Córdoba. Consequently, he is a fisherman formed in the Sierras, with a deep knowledge of the area and a friendly relationship with the Serranos, the community that lives there. Matías has a long experience in the area and in the Central and Northwest rivers of Argentina, dorado waters. He is a guide, instructor, good fly tyer, photographer and a lover of the Sierras. Matías also own a group of bungalows in Los Molles, just at the center of the valley.
  Tuna Labarta

Pablo Labarta, known as El Tuna in the fishing world, grew fishing and planting trout. He was raised in the countryside and in his father’s mill which, together with the River, are his masters. He turned to fly fishing in the beginning of the 80´s, while studying civil engineering in Tucumán. Since 1989 Pablo travels continuously to the Patagonia. He has fished the sea, Tucunares from the Bolivian Amazonia and Dorados from the Jungle. He was the creator of Runa Mayu (men of the river) Fly Fishing Expeditions and founder of the AJUPEM (Jujuy’s Fly Fishing Association) where he is now vice president. El Tuna is guide, instructor and an expert in the northeast area of Argentina.
  Martín Chaves

Martín is an experienced architect specialized in Hotels and Hospitality. He has been fishing since childhood until captured by today's passion, fly fishing. Martín has created and successfully managed fly fishing internet web pages and is part of the editor team of a prestigious Argentina newspaper. In Fly Fishing Soul Martín is part of the press, marketing and public relations team.
  Diego Flores

Diego Flores is a fisherman, journalist, writer, instructor and has his own "Fly Fishing School" in the Club de Pescadores of Buenos Aires. He also collaborates ad-honorem in the fly fishing school for kids, a projected created by himself. Diego has the reputation of being a leading innovator in fly fishing, bait casting, spinning and deep jigging. He started fishing at the age of 8 and fly fishing at his 18. Diego has also wrote two books the "Guía Andino Patagónica" and "Aguas Patagónicas", this last one a classic book with a description of  more than 200 fly fishing spots. Diego was a fly fishing guide in Patagonia and studied Aquaculture and Limnology at the University of the Comahue, where he worked in several projects to investigate salmonid fish in the Ñireco river (S.C. de Bariloche). Diego has his own web page ( where you can follow his thinking and work.
  Fabian Philipp

Fabián lives in Epuyén, a small town in the Chubut Province, has been fishing since childhood and is a professional guide since 1988 in North Patagonia. He is also a rafting guide, a professional sail man and author of several articles about trout fishing. Fabián is a qualified guide who will share with you his passion for sailing and fishing.
  Norberto (Peto) Dalle Nogare

Peto is 48 years old and started fly fishing 30 years ago. His passion for fishing and love for the river moved him to organize extraordinary adventures. He made his own raft and sailed the Corrientes river from the Esteros del Ibera down to Esquina, the Bermejo river and the Paraná river from Paso de la Patria to Buenos Aires , the last one in catamaran. Peto was waterski instructor in Morocco, Turkey, Bahamas and Mexico, just for fishing in his free time. He is a fly fishing guide and lives in Itatí since some years ago.
  Katherine Hart

Katherine got her fishing start at an early age at her family home just outside Portland, Oregon. Her passion eventually took her to Alaska, where she met Tim Rajeff. Katherine and Tim traveled to the Kola Peninsula of Russia in 1990 where they started the Ponoi River Lodge. Both of them organized, built, and managed the lodge for 5 years. She was the third women in the United Stetes to have qualified as a Masters¹ Level Certified Fly Fishing Instructor by the Federation of Fly Fishers. Tim and Katherine started Rajeff Sports in 2001, they have their own line of Echo Rods and are distributors for various other Fly Fishing products.
  Tim Rajeff

Tim is a Master of the Art. After spending his youth fishing and casting in California and Oregon, Tim’s fishing career took a turn when he took a job working for the Fenwick Fly Fishing School in Montana during 1973. In 1985 he made the trek north and began guiding in Alaska, eventually moving on to develop and build the first fishing camps on Russia’s Kola Peninsula. Tim returned to the States in 1994 and started Rajeff Sports and Echo Rods in 2001. Few other fishermen have the experience and knowledge Tim has in fly fishing. He is an extraordinary caster and instructor, but above all he still enjoys fishing as when he was 5 years old. As a world traveler Tim has been fishing all around the world and he loves Patagonia waters and hospitality.


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