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Estancia Arroyo Verde



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Estancia Arroyo Verde is situated within the Nahuel Huapi National Park. Its western border is the Traful lake, and it extends towards progressively dryer areas in the east. The forests of cypress and coihues give way to the maitenes and open grassland, typical of the area. The landscape opens out onto gigantic sculptures of volcanic rocks, shaped by wind and water. The Traful valley’s landscape, it’s famous river, the lodge’s elegance. MORE>>


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The lodge is situated within the Nahuel Huapi National Park, Patagonia, Argentina. Its western border is the Traful lake, and it extends towards progressively dryer areas in the east. The valley’s landscape, the famous Traful river, the lodge’s elegance and Meme’s and her daughters' hospitality intertwine to make the guests feel at home. The river is home to rainbow and brown trout and land-locked salmon. Horse riding and trekking can be done also.

The lodge offers luxury accommodation. The main house has the living and dinning rooms with their fireplaces, the sun lounge and four double bedrooms with private bathrooms. In an adjacent house another bedroom with en-suite bathroom has a separate entrance. About a mile from the main house the wood cabin perching on a rocky outcrop, has a twin bedroom with bathroom, living room with extra beds and a deck to enjoy the sunset.

The Traful is a fly fishing only river, catch and release is mandatory. It is approx. 30 meters wide. The Traful lake acts as a natural regulator, and it moderates the rises and the drought periods as well. Crystal clear waters, pools and rapids, enormous rocks in the riverbed… The river is populated with trout around 20 to 23 ins but occasionally it is possible to catch much bigger trout or salmon, around 28 to 35 ins.

The Traful river can be waded in all its length. The river has may different pools, all nearby and within a 15 minutes drive. A typical day begins with breakfast at the lodge. Your guide will meet you immediately after and inform you about the day’s fly fishing conditions. Lunch is served in the dining room at the lodge but picnics can be organized by the river. After nap you will get back to the river to fish until dusk.

The guides are renowned professionals from the Bariloche area and have been fly fishing the river for many years. They are familiar with the river and cater to the fisherman's every need.

From Buenos Aires reservations for round trip tickets to Bariloche, Patagonia, should be made. If your international flight arrives early enough it is possible to make a connection the same day if not, an overnight stay in Buenos Aires and catch the flight to Bariloche the following day. The fishing guides will be waiting for you at Bariloche airport and will transfer you to the lodge, about an hour and a half's drive.