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Fly Fishing Soul
Guided Trip:
Río Juramento
Salta, Argentina

“This is “big league” fly-fishing with heavy tackle, large flies, challenging casting, absolutely expert guides and monster fish, for adventurous fly-fishermen.”

Harry Briscoe

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Visiting Salta is visiting one of Argentina’s most beautiful corners and a place with a long historic and cultural tradition. The capital city, founded in 1582, is one of the country’s oldest cities and the one where colonial past is best preserved.

The city was crossed by the ancient Camino Real that connected the Peruvian with the Río de la Plata´s Spanish colonies. Thus it’s no wonder that many of the great battles in the fight for independence took place there.

The Juramento river, also known as Pasaje (passage) or Salado del Norte (North´s salt), is a long river, more that 1500 km long from its headwaters in the Puna steppes to it’s outlet in the Paraná river. It owes its name to the pledge of allegiance that took place in its shores on February 1813. The river runs through the rainforest and the transition semi arid environments within Salta province. The climate is therefore warm and rainy during the summer, and template the rest of the year.

The dorados that inhabit these clear and impetuous waters are big and combative. The fishing is thrilling and demanding as it requires a high concentration level and serenity when the almost 15 kg monsters bite.

The down section of the El Tunal dam is floated by raft while the upper section, between the Tunal and the Cabra Corral, is waded.

Our guides, the Juramento fly fishing men, are the fly fishing pioneers in this river, they know its every detail and will ensure a successful journey.



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