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Fly Fishing Soul Guided Trip:



Trevelín is one of Paragonia´s most picturesque towns, one which has preserved its traditional image and rhythm. It is surrounded by plenty of rivers, creeks and lagoons; the Grande or Futaleufu is the best known of these rivers, but there are others like the Nanty Falls or the Corintos and lagoons like the Rosario or the Huillmanco, all of them environments of exceptional beauty and clean and clear waters.

Our guide, Rolo Pradere, lives in the town and has been fishing its waters for years. Rolo is a dedicated and professional guide, but he is also an excellent companion and a friend.

The River: The río Grande is an important and voluminous river with an average width of 800 to 100 m. The lake system in the upper part of the basin ensures a moderate water flow, more stable than most mountain rivers. The river is mainly fished in rafts with some wading intermediates. The Corintos or the Nanty Falls are 10 to 20m wide creeks, with rises and drought periods, and the fishing is done afoot.

All these environments are ideal for dry fly fishing. The lagoons are in the plateau, outside the forest, in an open and demanding landscape. In these lagoons you can catch some big and combative trout. The Trevelín program will therefore allow you to fish very different environments, afoot or in rafts, with dry flies in the creeks or big streamers in the lagoons for the real big ones.

The fish: Trevelín waters are home to rainbow, brown and fontinalis trout. The rivers and lagoons are well populated and the fishing is varied. The average size is 1.1 to 2.2 pounds but it is common to catch much bigger trout, up to 6.6 or 8.8 pounds.


The Fishing: The fishing day is planned with Rolo the night before. He will inform you about each environment’s fishing conditions, the techniques and flies to use and any other inquiry the fisherman might have.

Every fishing spot is less than an hour drive from Trevelín. At noon you will have lunch by the river and then continue till nightfall. Rolo can supply wading or fishing equipment at a reasonable cost, but this must be informed with anticipation, while making the reservation.

We recommend bringing a pair of rods; a heavier one, #6 or # 7 in case you wish to fish with streamers and a lighter one, # 4 or # 5 for those who prefer dries or nymphs. The floating lines are necessary on both cases but it is convenient to bring a fast sinking line (0.5 or 0.6 pounds) for #6 or #7. All environments are for fly fishing only and release is mandatory.

Our guide: Our guide is Rodolfo Pradere (Rolo). Rolo was born in Buenos Aires and was educated in an English school. 20 years ago he moved to North Patagonia to work as a Ranch manager in the Chubut Province. Since childhood Rolo has enjoyed fishing and became a professional fly fishing guide 10 years ago; he has worked for many local outfitters and lodges in the Esquel area since. You will find that Rolo is not only an exceptional guide but also a qualified host and a faithful companion and friend.

Travel: To get to Trevelín you need to travel to Esquel. Trevelín is just an hour away from the airport. From Buenos Aires you should make round ticket reservations to Esquel. International flights arrive at Ezeiza´s international Airport so you will need to go to Aeroparque, the domestic airport, and catch the flight to Esquel that same afternoon or the next morning, spending a night in the city. Rolo will receive you in Esquel´s airport and drive you to the hotel.


Season: From November 1st to April 30th.

u$s 420.- per person per day
u$s 2.800.- per week (6 fishing days)

Included: Rate includes transfer from and to Esquel airport, local transfers, daily guided fishing, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner and access fees to private waters.

Not Included: Airport taxes, fishing license, fishing tackle, flies, whisky and/or other strong drinks, tips, cigars and phone calls.

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