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Fly Fishing Soul Guided Trip:

Pampa de Achala


Pampa de Achala is an approximately 2300 m high plateau, located in the Pampean Sierras, in the heart of the Cordoba Province. It is a magical place with warm and pleasant climate that has remained pure and solitary because of its difficult access. A whole sector of the Pàmpa de Achala is protected by the National Park´s administration.

The conservation unit includes a National Park (Condorito´s Ravine) and the Pampa de Acahala´s water reserve. Wide open grasslands and tabaquillo forests define its landscape. The water running through the creeks is pure and crystalline and is inhabited by rainbow and fontinalis trout. Fishing these creeks is thrilling, water is so clean and clear that presenting a fly to an unaware trout is a real challenge.

Fishing here shares great resemblance with hunting, stalk and strategy are essential parts of it. Fishing programs include the best creeks in the region and accommodation in mountain retreats or tent.

Our guide, Matías Buratti, is a fisherman from the Sierras who knows its waters inch by inch. He will guarantee a unique experience, of those that stay in our memories forever.

The Rivers: There are no fishing regulations, but our programs are for fly fishing exclusively and catch and release is mandatory. There are many creeks in the area but Matías will take you to the least known and to those with the biggest specimens. Waters are clean and transparent, and every stream is a succession of currents and pools, with surprising sandy bottomed, long flats.

The fish: The species in the area are rainbow and creek trout (fontinalis), depending on the creek. Small specimens are abundant, but catches up to 3 kg can be accomplished.


The Fishing: The fishing program includes 3 to 4 hours horse riding to get to the farthest streams. Once there we will sleep in mountain shelters or tents, depending on the fisherman preferences. All the fishing is done afoot, waders are not required, just proper footwear to walk and get wet. A typical day starts early in the morning and ends at dusk. Lunch is served in the creek’s coast. Given the exceptional transparency of the water and the shallowness of the fishing creeks, the fishing resembles a lot to hunting, as you need to stalk the fish, decide the strategy in each case and approach the water slowly and crouching. A lot of walking is done in the day as after a few castings or after a catch we have to walk to the next pool. Matías will answer every question; organize the day according to the group’s preferences and recommend flies and strategies for each case. Fishing equipment is not provided. The use of light equipment is recommended (#2 or #3 rods) as usually there is no wind whatsoever.

Our Guide: Our guide is Matías Buratti, fisherman from the sierras, old expert of the area and friend of the Serrano’s community that live there. Matías has a lot of experience in the region. He is a professional and a friend that will guarantee an incredible stay and will have every fisherman’s security and success taken care of. FFS is compromised with fly fishing and release, and the use of barbless hooks. No exceptions are made, so every fish, hurt or not, must be treated with care and released.

The shelter or the tent: The program includes the stay in mountain shelters, which have been made by local people, next to their homes in the Sierras. They are humble retreats, clean and cozy. Dinner is served there. As an alternative there’s the tent. At noon Matías will take care of lunch, sandwiches, fruits and drinks.

Travel: To get to Pampa de Achala you have to fly to Buenos Aires and make flight reservations to Cordoba Capital. Fishermen from abroad will arrive at Ezeiza´s International airport, leaving to Córdoba from the same international airport as Aerolíneas Argentinas has coordinated flights for it. An alternative is to fly to Santiago de Chile where LAN offers a similar service. If you can’t make this combination you will have to go to the domestic airport in Buenos Aires, Aeroparque. Generally the arrival schedules allow catching a flight to Córdoba the same day, but it is also possible to spend the night in Buenos Aires and fly the next morning. Matías will meet you in Cordoba’s airport and drive you to a cabin in Santa Rosa of Calamuchita, or other close city, where the fishing trip will begin.

Program: The program’s duration is flexible and depends on each fisherman’s preferences. 4 days is the minimum duration. The following is a typical program:
Day 1: Arrival to Cordoba’s airport and transfer to Santa Rosa of Calamuchita, night in the cabin, barbecue with the guides.
Day 2: Road trip to where the horses await, horse ride to the creek, half day of fishing.
Day 3 and 4: Fishing.
Day 5: Half day of fishing, horse ride back and car drive to the cabin or, horse ride to the next creek.
Day 6 and 7: Fishing.
Day 8: Horse ride back, transfer to Cordoba’s airport, flight to Buenos Aires.

Season: All year round.

u$s 300.- per person per day
u$s 2.000.- per week (6 fishing days)

Included: Rates includes transfer from and to Cordoba’s airport, intern transfers, horse riding, guided fishing (one guide every two fishermen), accommodation in cabin or shelter, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not Included: Airport fee, fishing license, equipment, flies, strong drinks, tips, cigars. In many places within the Pampa there is no cell phone signal.

IMPORTANT: The program is of median difficulty, requires a good physical state and a minimum horse riding ability. There are no medical services in the area and reaching them requires some hours ride to the nearest town. Climate is generally mild and days are sunny (it rains 700 mm approximately in the area) but in the mountain there can be some rainy and/or foggy days.

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